Health and wellbeing are the highest priority in our life.
This original therapeutic concept was brought from Japan in 2016 to introduce those who suffer from lasting years chronic symptoms such as pain.

Japanese reset therapy® corrects your posture and calms your mind. It is a pretty gentle manual therapy helping you to free your body from superflous tension. It teaches how to control tension with your brain and have a better life. 

Clients come from not only near Montreux also from Geneva, Fribourg, Bern, Basel, Zurich, France and Germany.

A session is processed fully clothed without lotions or creams.


The Japanese Reset Therapy® is an innovative therapy to release tension of muscles. Instead of trying to massage the muscles, the Japanese Reset Therapy® aims at restoring the neuromuscular feedback circuit between the brain and the muscle, which secondarily leads to a muscular relaxation.

The consequence of this muscle relaxation is the improvement of the blood circulation, the correction of postural defects, and the improvement of your natural healing abilities. As a consequence, all the malfunctions which were the results of a disturbance of the neuromuscular feedback circuit are improved.

The purposes of the Reset Therapy are the following :
– To balance the entire body by correcting distortions of the body
– To mitigate the cause of symptoms
– To maintain a high level of wellbeing

By using your natural ability to mitigate, it is possible to maintain a better health condition. Our goal is to help you regain your vitality and to show you how to self mitigate and to stay in good health.

Mitigation of
– chronic shoulder pain
– chronic back pain
– chronic neck pain
– knee pain
– sciatica
– tendinitis
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Osgood-Schlatter disease
– lyme disease
– diastasis symphysis pubis (DSP)
– numbness
– cold hands and feet
– tiredness
– some sleeping problems
– scoliosis
– herniated disc
– headache / migraine
– tremor
– dystonia
– kyphosis
– autonomic dysfunction / Dysautonomia
– anxiety disorder
– constipation
– acid reflux
– chronic pain / mobility restriction from accident

Muscle relaxation of
– multiple sclerosis (MS)
– fibromyalgia
– polymyalgia
– spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

Improvement of
– posture

Generally speaking, the Japanese Reset Therapy® is indicated if :
– you do not feel well despite having no medical disease
– you have less energy
– you prefer natural and soft therapy
– you do not like painful therapy
– you want to keep high level of wellbeing
– you want to have synergistic effect from pilates, Yoga, etc.

The Reset Therapy doesn’t replace any traditional medicine.

These testimonials are genuine descriptions of client experiences. However, results cannot be guaranteed.

Female  from Japan / (posture, chronic back pain)
Took 4 sessions during the stay in Switzerland for 2 weeks.

Aurelie from Vevey (postural improvement) Google translation from French
I consulted for a posture problem and back and neck pain. The effectiveness of the technique is impressive! After only 2 sessions, my posture has already improved significantly, with no effort on my part. Taka is attentive, passionate and extremely talented in his job. I highly recommend.

Female 20s from Lausanne (wrist  pain)This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Anastasiia.png
I am professional violinist, I’ve been playing for 20 years already. Playing a musical instrument demands repeating certain movements, stretching thin wrist and palm muscles for hours every day. Playing the violin in particular means all above combined with an unusual posture – left arm and hand being twisted, again – for hours. It must be taken care of an attentive tutor who teaches his student attention and awareness to his body. It is one of major factors in violin playing because the posture itself provokes a person to overstress and tense the muscles. Stress may be a reason for all the good intentions to collapse. Growing up in a highly demanded atmosphere with an abusive teacher I experienced six years of life in permanent stress since I was 11. I was very scared of my teacher and unfortunately my body memorized that playing equals danger. My body successfully resisted the consequences of this unrelieved stress for quite a long time, but at one point, when I was 17, it gave up and I felt that my left wrist is in pain the first time. It disappeared shortly after but then it came back 6 months later and stayed for longer. Then it was returning more and more often, sometimes once in 2 months and could remain strongly painful up to 3 weeks. At some point the pain was returning every other day and I could never predict if today I’m lucky and able to keep working, preparing for exams and auditions. It was a hard time for me and that is when Mr. Shigematsu’s therapy appeared in my life. I deeply appreciated every aspect of those 11 sessions I had, it gave me not only a physical relief but also I felt much more calm and stable emotionally. Mr. Shigematsu’s approach consists of taking care of the whole body which I find precious as it bring much more lasting effects to the therapy as it cures not only muscles you feel being in pain but also some non-evident ones. Every session we discovered a new highly tense muscle hidden deep in my arm or shoulder which I never found myself while trying to self-massage. I think the following months after the therapy would describe the result the best. We worked throughout spring and in summer I went to a festival where I was a member of a festival orchestra. When I only started the treatment with Mr. Shigematsu I was afraid to play my violin for longer than 2 hours, consistently finding myself in pain. After we finished the treatment I’ve spent 2 months of a very intense festival schedule playing for over 6 hours per day and never felt it. I highly recommend Mr. Shigematsu’s method and send him my gratitude.

Ursula Baumgartner from Lausanne (postural stiffness and joint pain) Google translation from French
For some time now I felt in the grip of some postural stiffness and joint pain. The discomfort passed insidiously from occasional to periodic to become permanent, in particular at the level of the hands, a shoulder and a knee. Should we consider treatment? Or should I accept this state as a natural consequence of my aging? I didn’t know where or what to turn to. I am 77 years old, I am still professionally active, and I lack the time and motivation for sports activities. But I walk with pleasure, if possible in nature and in the mountains.

During the spring of 2021, I had the opportunity to observe the absolutely surprising postural recovery of a person in my circle of acquaintance. I asked her what she had done to achieve this result, and she told me about the Japanese Reset Therapy practiced by Taka. The logic of this approach quickly echoed in me, and I started my treatment in July 2021. From the first sessions I became physically aware of the extent of the tensions and stiffness that affected my muscles and tendons and caused the hindrance in my movements and the progressive imbalance of my body posture that I had noticed. The very meticulous and sophisticated care that Taka lavishes with the help of this physiotherapy gives absolutely surprising results from the first treatments. The body recovers naturally, joint pain lessens or even disappears and all movements become easier, fuller and more fluid.

Taka works with a masterful knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, a precise perception of the tensions present and a perfect know-how to untie them. I am regaining more and more of my postural balance, my muscular strength and the confidence lost in some of my joints, and all this to an extent far beyond what I thought possible at my age. This well-being is not limited to the motor and postural plane of my body, but affects all of my bodily functions and at the same time makes me regain more psychic and mental energy. All of these benefits are proving increasingly sustainable.

After the sessions, on returning home with a light body and high morale, I sing my joy in my car.
Thanks Taka!

Beyond its restorative virtues, this therapy is a real investment for long-term health.

Laura from Leysin / (neck arthritis)
I was diagnosed with neck arthritis this year and started doing physiotherapy sessions. During this time two friends recommended Japanese Reset Therapy. I had never heard of it before!
I took the decision to stop physiotherapy and started with Taka. Even after the first session I found a noticeable positive difference. Now I have completed 11 sessions and have no more neck pain, my posture has improved and I have no pain anywhere else! I feel more energy and have become more supple!
I highly recommend this Japanese Reset therapy. Taka is a very kind, nice man, explains clearly and follows up so well. He is so professional.
I cannot thank Take enough in getting me back on a pain free road, as well hopefully back on the tennis court next year !

Susana from Geneva / (tendinitis)
I am very grateful to Takayuki Shigematsu for helping my recovery and prevent further problems.
My chronic tendinitis reappeared in 2020 after 3-months of lockdown and teleworking. As usual, I followed a 2-months treatment which included painkillers, rest, ultrasounds, etc. The pain relief was temporary and the symptoms would not disappear.
Having nothing to lose, I decided to try Taka’s Japanese Reset Therapy. I have never heard about this therapy before, but I was willing to go beyond my comfort zone to stop this debilitating pain.
The first session was amazing! I could not believe that I was feeling much better. In two sessions the results were breathtaking (pain-free, better posture, and balance, sleep improvement). After six sessions, the pain is gone, my quality of life improved significantly and I can work again. I fully recommend Taka’s therapy. As it is a new therapy it is normal to have doubts and it takes time to understand the concept, but you can see the results and feel them in a short period! 🙂

Professional athlete from Valais / (chronic shoulder pain, poor posture)
I found Japanese reset therapy while I was looking online for solutions for my chronic back pain, shoulder pain, and poor posture. I had never heard of the therapy before but I thought it was worth a try. I’m so happy that I tried it !
This was very different to all other therapies I’ve ever experienced for these issues. Most other therapies I’ve tried were quite painful, uncomfortable, and had moderate results. The problems would also almost always return.
With this therapy it was different. The therapy itself was quite relaxing and non invasive. You must be patient and committed because results are not instant but they are lasting ! My posture significantly improved, and the mobility in my spine and shoulders has also very noticeably improved. I have mobility that I feel like I have not had in years! My pain level, and the level of tension in my muscles has hugely decreased as well. I would also like to mention that Taka (the therapist) is very professional, knowledgable, and kind. Overall I am happy with these results and I plan to continue with sessions in the future to continue to improve posture and tension issues. I would definitely recommend this therapy to those with posture problems, muscle tension, and pain related to those issues.

Bea from canton de Fribourg / (tremors, limping, severe pain, pain in the coccyx)
I have been coming to see Taka for close to 5 months. When I first met him the right side of my body was very weak and I suffered from tremors. Having tried the tradicional route of doctors and therapists for years I had little hope. I thought he could help with the severe pain.
My tremors stopped after the first session ! I have been improving constantly since and yesterday for the first time in years I was able to walk without limping and properly swaying my arm. This is spectacular ! I am starting to use my right arm in daily activities and different painful parts of my body are now so much better.
It is work in process but I trust him completely and would like to point out his high degree of professionalism, kindness and dedication to helping other.
The sessions are relaxing and pleasant. I even got my husband to come for pain in the coccyx area. He was sceptical but decided to try and his pain is going away after a few sessions.
I hightly recommend Taka for chronic pain of all sorts and for all those who have give up hope.
I feel very grateful to have met him.

Female  from Yens / (headaches)
For 9 years, I had such severe headaches at night. I have been consulting many specialist & doctors concerning severe headaches at night. Nobody has been capable of helping me. Often I was suggested to take strong medicine. I had intensive headache 4-5 times a week. After about 2 hours of sleep I would wake up with a terrible headache 8-9 on a scale of 10. I always had to get up and wait a few hours with my head in my hands, crying, praying, hoping- sometimes being scared.
One night with strong headache on a scale of 9 intensity to 10, I was again searching for miracles & solutions for my headache. Suddenly, I read about the reset therapy, done by Japanese, Takayuki Shigematsu, also called TAKA.
I called immediately next morning and got my 1st session on Friday 22nd of September at 7:45 in the morning. What a blessing.
Already the 2nd session, I could feel a huge difference in my wellbeing. I started to sleep deeply and my headaches disappeared more and more.
Without hesitation, I can recommend Taka and the Reset therapy to anybody with pain issues or other health –problems. Taka has great skills and experience, is very professional and capable in helping improving noticeably health-issues. I will myself continue the reset therapy in 2018 to keep my wellbeing ..
With gratitude and thanks from my heart.

Male  from Geneva / (mobility and flexibility of shoulder/arm)
After I had a car accident, I relied on a conventional physiotherapy to improve the mobility and flexibility of my left shoulder/arm. Although it helped to a certain extent, I also felt its limitations. Since I started the reset therapy, it has not only further improved the mobility and flexibility of my shoulder/arm, but even exceeded the level that the conventional physiotherapy could not achieve.
The reset therapy has also helped ease some pains caused by a car accident. By releasing excessive tensions in my muscles and adjusting my posture correctly, it also has facilitated the treatment process of traumas both directly and indirectly. I expect that its holistic approach will not only mitigate the problems I have had, but also will improve my overall health.

Female from Pully / (scoliosis)
I have a scoliosis, which was diagnosed after I had my second daughter and started experiencing severe backache. For about six months, I was unable to sit at a desk for more than an hour, couldn’t be standing still for 10 minutes, and altogether had a hard time leading a normal life.
I found out about Taka through the Japanese shop Uchitomi in Lausanne, in their flyers section, and decided to give Japanese Reset Therapy a go. I had previously tried physiotherapy, Pilates and acupuncture, and I was still in pain.
On my first session, I probably spent 20 minutes discussing my problem with Taka, after which he started the therapy. I can best describe it as a gentle and quite active massage / acupressure therapy – Taka moves one of my legs or arms whilst applying pressure to specific points to relieve tension. After a few sessions, my posture had noticeably improved and my level of pain started to drop.
I have seen Taka on a regular basis since Spring 2017, and by combining the Japanese Reset Therapy with a daily yoga exercise routine, I can now do all the things I couldn’t before: work, cook, take my children for tricycle rides, spend long evenings with friends, go to concerts…
I still experience back pain but it is now at a manageable level and it doesn’t interfere with my life anymore. Thank you, Taka, and to anyone who experiences chronic-type pain, I would warmly recommend that you try Taka’s Japanese Reset Therapy.

Julia from Lausanne / (chronic back pain and hip problems)
Since I started your reset therapy, my quality of life has improved a lot! After years of chronic back pain and hip problems and trying numerous types of therapy, I started your treatment full of hope, after a friend highly recommended you! After the 4th session already, I really started to notice an important improvement: the pain levels started going down, I felt more energetic and lighter, and my concentration and memory improved.  We’re now at our 9th appointment and the improvement continues! I feel so much better already! Thank you, Taka!

Female from St. Legier / (a lot of stress and tensions in back)
I highly recommend Japanese reset therapy treatment with Shigematsu-san.  I am a mother of four children and work full time – generally, I carry a lot of stress and tensions in my back.  After my very first session, I noticed a lasting improvement that has gotten even better with each treatment.  I have been seeing chiropractors and massage therapists for years.  They have provided me temporary relief that only seemed to last for a few hours.  I found myself asking my massage therapist to give a deeper massage each time, trying to seek relief from my upper and lower back pain.  Then I discovered Japanese reset therapy.  It is a gentle encounter that surprisingly goes very deep into the muscles to help the spine naturally straighten and rebalance.  I’m thankful that Shigematsu-san has brought this unique treatment to our area.

Richard from Bern / (chronic skin irritations)
I am over 70 years old, and came to accept the typical stiffnesses and aches associated with growing old. But after just a few Reset Therapy sessions, most of these have nearly vanished. I have more energy, can get up easily in the morning, and have no problems climbing stairs or going on long walks.
Also, I suffered from poor posture even as a child, and was never able to improve it. But in only ten sessions of Reset Therapy, my posture has greatly improved without effort on my part. Even some chronic skin irritations around my neck have lessened as a result.
I find the therapy to be very mild and restful, a pleasant experience. Also, I value the chance to talk about the procedure and the changes from one session to the next.  I look forward to each session. I’m very grateful for the opportunity of having this wonderful way of improving vitality.
His therapy relieved pain in the neck, shoulders, and back which seems to be coming from bad posture and stress.

Female from Montreux / (knee pain)
As a parent and a full-time worker, I have always been ‘a good soldier’, doing all the necessary tasks and even more – at home and at work -, not listening to my body.
I retired a few months ago, happy to have finally plenty of time to indulge in my hobbies. Unfortunately my body said no. For example, I used to enjoy line dance but turning right and then left had become painful.
Or here is another example : I have practised yoga twice a week for 15 years but I can’t fully enjoy this art any more because bending knees and sitting cross-legged have become really painful. Obviously I should have listened to my body.
I tried various physiotherapy treatments (hot – cold – waves) without success. Lately I have tried a few shiatsu massages; to my surprise I was relieved. As I was chatting with a Japanese friend who practises yoga with me, she recommended Mr Shigematsu to me because thanks to Japanese reset therapy she could use her wrists properly again when doing certain yoga postures. So I immediately thought I should give it a try and called Mr Shigematsu to make an appointment. After two sessions already I felt less pain and decided to continue the treatment. After each session my mobility and balance improve little by little and I feel more energetic. Now I begin to have fun, I can dance longer and enjoy the benefit of more yoga postures than before.
I would like to recommend Japanese reset therapy and especially Mr Shigematsu who definitely does a good job and eases his patients’ pain.
Thank you very much, Taka, for your great skills, professionalism and kindness.

Female from Aigle / (muscle stiffness)
Almost 40 years old, I was suffering with “muscle stiffness” for over 20 years. Although it gets worse year by year, I only spent time & money on massage, ostéopathie & physiothérapie so far.
After the first session, I had kind of fatigue (but somehow comfortable) and it needed for a couple of hours’ nap. Every time after the session this fatigue became less and less. Then it faded away.
In a meantime the pain I always kept with me almost came to disappear. Actually I already started to forget about the “pain” I had. I began to make a stretch and pay more attention to my posture during office work. It is indeed still a passing point, I need to continually improve my daily habit.
I am really feeling wonderful and appreciate very much that I’ve been released from “muscle stiffness” which I was almost giving up.
I highly recommend to people who are suffering with those problems. Thank you very much Shigematsu-san.

Female from Teufen / (energetic)
Reset therapy treatment made me realize how hard, stiff and inflexible my muscles are. I did not notice it at all until I took this therapy. During the treatment I felt as if I was floating on water in Spa and I remembered that my body was flexible when I was a child. After therapy it is easier for me to take care of my posture to ease my muscles. I’m energetic than before.

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the clients and do not reflect the opinions of Company.