The therapy has two parts : the first part is the treatment at our cabinet, while the second part takes place after the consultation at our cabinet, while the body is recovering.

1. Treatment at our cabinet :
The therapy at our cabinet is a safe and secure treatment since we do not use strong pressure to the place where muscles are tensed. Thus, there is no pain during the treatment and no muscle pain caused in reaction to excess of massage.
During the treatment, you keep your cloths on. Please come in comfortable clothing.

2. After the treatment :
Don’t massage the treated area : the tension of the muscles are released by reassuring the brain with the Japanese Reset Therapy® specific approach. Thus please refrain from checking the pain after the treatment by massage, pressing, or moving forcibly, because this would cancel the benefits of the treatment (see Japanese Reset Therapy)

– Sleep
well : the treatment is designed in such a way that the healing process towards recovery will continue after the treatment through the reset of the neuromuscular feedback. Taking enough sleep will enhance the treatment effect.

Fee (session in our cabinet in Montreux)
The treatment fee is
– 160 CHF per a session (VAT incl.)
(45 minutes therapy) .

Fee (session at client’s premises)
– from 300 CHF per a session (VAT incl.)
(45 minutes therapy) .

Fee for consultation incl. online
– 100 CHF per 30 minutes (VAT excl.)

Please pay in cash at the time of your treatment. No credit cards or late payments are accepted.

A part of our turnover is contributed to the charity named Innovations for Poverty Action.