Chronic lower back pain won’t be mitigated by pressure massage. Why??

Chronic lower back pain won’t be mitigated by pressure massage. Why??
Doing a massage for the strained area of your body improves blood circulation for a short time, and it appears to mitigate the symptoms. However, the symptoms come back very soon or within a few days. The cause of symptoms doesn’t only come from chronic tension of your strained muscles. It is also caused by  the  entire tension balance in your body. (More) definitively, it comes from poor blood circulation in the choronically tense muscles.

Chronic tension in our muscles accumulates in our entire life circumstances such as long working hours, inappropriate use of the body, bad habits, stress, accumulated fatigue and so on.

Chronic muscular tension is observed in our posture. As for chronic lower back pain, we need to release  chronic tension especially in the muscles of our thighs, hamstrings, iliopsoas, muscles around pelvis properly as well as muscles in the lower back area.

What kind of treatment process is needed / necessary?
Based on our assumption that the most part of the chronic tension in the muscles is (also under) controlled by our brain, we need to reassure that the tension will be released from our brain.

Sometimes we do a massage, excessive stretching or even some exercise to strengthen our muscles to mitigate/alleviate the symptoms. However, these might aggravate the tension due to the brain’s defense mechanism.

We need to release the chronic tension of muscles from the surface of muscles to deeper inside to prevent “coming back” situation or additional tension. We are able to confirm the result of its muscular relaxation by observing the posture as well as the difference of our height before and after the treatment.

The height usually increases after taking 1st session. The increase varies from a few mm to a few cm, depending on the original height since discs in potential compression caused by chronic muscular tension are released/liberated slightly and the posture has improved, or due to one of the two reasons.

The chronic muscular tension can be released by our Japanese Reset Therapy, which has a very specific approach. It will take some time to release the muscular tension appropriately/significantly, however, as it has also taken long time for our body to accumulate it.

What  happens after releasing chronic muscular tension?
It is better to focus on releasing the chronic tension in your muscles in order to have better blood circulation than to focus on other factors as we believe symptom itself is an outcome of poor blood circulation due to chronic tension of the muscles.

The body realizes a better posture, which enables the organs to place themselves in a right position and to have enough space to functionalize well and prevents from creating excessive tension of local muscles. This entire approach leads to good health and wellbeing in our life.

Japanese Reset Therapy doesn’t replace any traditional medicine and the contents are from the experience of author, Takayuki Shigematsu.