Japanese Reset Therapy®

The original therapeutic concept has been developed in Japan in 1990s and is currently becoming widespread in Japan.

In our modern society, sedentary long working hours, inappropriate biomechanical use of the body, bad habits, stress and accumulated fatigue are not uncommon. All these might cause accumulated muscular tensions, which cause pressure on the nerve, stagnation of blood and lymph circulation, as well as postural defects. In the long term, these factors might lead to muscular pain and other chronic conditions such as chronic tiredness, bad sleep, etc…

When a muscle suffers excessive tension or a painful stimulus, the brain can perceive this as a threat and the neuromuscular feedback can cause a stiffening of the muscle as a defense mechanism against that threat. This can cause a vicious circle which makes the situation worse.

In order to avoid this vicious circle, the Japanese Reset Therapy® does not use strong muscular stimulations or massages. What we do instead is a combination of soft techniques (stretching, shaking, gentle touch) associated with breathing awareness exercises in order to use this neuromuscular feedback mechanism to release the tension of the muscles.

The immediate benefits of this approach are the following :

1. Pain and numbness will be mitigated by removing physical nerve compression thanks to the relaxation of the muscles around the nerve.

2. Postural defects will be improved. The posture is determined by the skeleton supported by muscles. To correct the posture, some organs will be placed in an appropriate position.

3. Blood and lymph circulation will be improved.